Katie Sargent Design
Interior Designer




In a sea of beige, be a peacock.

Photography by Lisa Atkinson

Katie Sargent Design is a Melbourne-based interior design studio specialising in residential new-builds, restorations, renovations, extensions and refurbishments both in Australia and internationally.

Headed by Katie Sargent, the studio offers a full interior design service focused on the requirements and scope of your project, no matter how big or small.  Sourcing contemporary and antique pieces locally and from around the world and incorporating a love of international architecture and design, Katie Sargent will help you bring your interior vision to life.

Katie has proven to have a fresh take on a tired Gold Coast aesthetic.

Not a slave to trends, focussed on form as well as functionality and aiming to keep cost-efficiency en pointe, she reinvigorates us after each meeting!

We’re kept revitalised and not dragged down by the increased effort and energy it takes to rebuild a home.

She is organised, a true team player and an invaluable communicator.

She inspires us to think outside the box while also being mindful of keeping inside budget constraints.
— kate & matthew cronin, The queensland house