The Journey

It’s quite simple.
I listen, very carefully. I get to know you.
We build a meaningful, considered and functional space which will bring joy now, and more importantly, for years to come.

Initial Design Workshop

Once we have spoken over the phone and I have the general gist of your project, the next step is an Initial Design Workshop. During this two-hour session, we will ask each other the critical questions to evaluate your project and arrive best approach to arrive at your final destination.

We will discuss where you currently sit within your project life-cycle, time frames, budgets, your design team (if you have engaged one), and most importantly your design goals.

By the end of our workshop we will be on the same page and will have arrived at a clearly-defined scope.

Each project is unique and nuanced, therefore the ground we cover during this time together is essential to set us up for success.

Within a few days you will receive an Interior Design Strategy which outlines the Design Fee and best approach to achieving your design goals.


Full service Projects

full service projects

Renovations, refurbishments
& new builds

The Project Life-Cycle

  1. The Design Workshop

  2. Concept Development

  3. Design Development

  4. Documentation

  5. Tender

  6. Implementation & Construction

  7. Soft Furnishing Selection

  8. Installation & Styling


Soft Furnishing Projects

Soft Furnishing Projects

curtains & blinds, furniture, lighting, art, rugs, accessories

The Project Life-Cycle

  1. The Design Workshop

  2. Concept Development

  3. Budget Review

  4. Purchasing

  5. Installation & Styling


Somewhere in between?

Of course not every project fits neatly into a box. Feel free to get in touch and we can talk through the intricacies of your project.