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Having lived in and designed for British clients in the past, I can tell you, tassels and trims, or passementerie as it often referred to, is very much a thing! I believe Australian's are a lot more wary of such adornment and for good reason, or historically at least.  Tassels and trims often conjure up memories of stuffy, old fashioned interiors.

However! As you see below, there are many clean, crisp and contemporary passementerie offerings on the market which can most certainly make your blinds, cushions curtains and furniture pop. Adding tassels, trims, beads and pom poms to almost anything in kids bedrooms and playrooms especially adds interest and stimulation. You really can push the boundaries with kids rooms.

To create this little scheme, I have taken inspiration from this exquisitely embroidered piece by Parisian textile and haute couture designer Tzuri Gueta. Do have a look at his website. His textiles, fashion, jewellery and artwork is sublime.

1. Post Box Red Spotted Feather Fringe from VV Rouleaux (UK), 2. Wide Stripe Trim from Zimmer + Rhode (Europe), 3. Twiggy Key Tassel from Houles (Paris), 4 & 5. Harbour Crown Knot Frog by Samuel & Sons from South Pacific Fabrics (Aus), 6. Diamond Tape by Travers for Zimmer + Rhode (Europe), 7. Deep Apricot Petersham tape from VV Rouleax (UK), 8. Bamboo Coral Teeth in Red from Bead, Trimming & Craft Co (Aus), 9. Teal Faux Leather Tape from VV Rouleax (UK).