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Of course as an interior designer, my focus is on the interior of a property. However, making bold choices even before people step inside makes an impressive first impression.

I often look at houses on my morning walks, most of the time thinking 'if they just did this, or considered that'. However, whenever I spot facades and entrances that are beautiful and a little different I wonder what I would discover if I could take a sneak peak inside.

The front door is key, boring is no good! In fact, during my upcoming trip to India one of my biggest anticipations is actually discovering antique doors (and shutters) of all shapes, sizes, details, pantinas and history. You really can design your entire facade around a beautiful antique door or pair of doors. And don't forget the hardware, these little details make the world of difference.

Today's The Edit is inspired by this stunning entrance designed in conjunction with Sydney landscape architect Anthony Wyer + Associates.  Don't you just want take a peek inside?

1. Door - Chateau Domingue Architectural & Monumental Antiques, 2. Tiles - Calacatta Zebrino from Ann Sacks, 3. - Decorative vessel - Willy Guhl Handkerchief Planter from 1st Dibs, 4. Plant - Gold palms from Palms Galore, 5. Table - Art Deco Garden Table from Lorford Antiques, 6. Armchair - Plantation Chair from Orient House, 7. Planter - Lifestone Bali Tall Planter from Water Garden Warehouse, 8. Mirror - Serge Roche sourced from Artnet, 9. Door handle - Pull Handle 1312R from Mother of Pearl & Sons.