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Interior Designer




I have just returned from India and I am just coming back down to earth. I discovered so many fabulously, wonderful treasures during my travel. I will gather my thoughts and share with you all soon! In the meantime, enjoy these Indian-inspired beauties.

Today's The Edit, is of course inspired by the wonders of India, specifically this fun print from Hermes - a cotton print by Philippe Dumas called Beloved India Imprime

1. Wall light - Metal Perforated Wall Lamp from The Peacock Life (India), 2. Specialist finish - 'Labra' from Mirage (Italy), 3. Mosaic - Alhambra - Ming Green & Thassos Marble from Byzantine Design (Australia), 4. Glass Mosaic - Lumineux Glass Mosaic in Jade from Byzantine Design (Australia), 5. Napkin Rings  Dhokra Rural Animals Napkin Rings from Napeanesa (UK), 6. Rug - Abaca Irish Cream (made to order) from Byzatine Design (Australia),  7. Table - Birignao Table from Emmemobili (Italy), 8. Marble - Calacatta Vagli Oro from Signorino Tile Gallery (Australia), 9. Earrings - Antique Emerald Diamond Gold Indian Earrings from 1st Dibs (international).